About Us

Career Links GT is an innovative Group Training Company. We employ apprentices, trainees (school based, part time and full time) and place them with host employers to complete their industry training. We help host employers save time and money by reducing employment risks and responsibilities; while our apprentices and trainees benefit from consistent support and quality employment and training.ing.

Career Links GT work with businesses of all sizes across a diverse range of industries. Our staff has significant experience in education, training and employment and we are focused on engaging a skilled future workforce.

What makes Career Links GT different?

Career Links GT are committed to matching all employees with the right employer, based on industry needs and individual skill sets. We provide mentoring support and advice which is proven to result in higher success rates for apprentices and trainees and employed employment relationships

About Group Training 

Group Training was introduced by the Government in the 1980s when many employers wanted to employ Apprentices and Trainees but were unsure if they would be able to provide work for the duration of the Apprenticeship or Traineeship. As a result, young staff were often let go before completing their training and without sufficient on the job skills. Group training was introduced to solve some of these problems and ensure that Apprentices and Trainees were receiving the additional; care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of their training contract.


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