Yakka Introduction to Work program

We believe in the power of education to transform lives. The YAKKA program is designed to provide students with the resources needed to assist in making career choices. The program will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Year 7 to 12 and is delivered over six sessions in school. Students will work with a YAKKA mentor who will support them to create the tools needed to succeed. 

What does the Yakka program involve?

The YAKKA program covers three stages, providing an introduction to work allowing students to start planning their careers. The stages include Reflect, Explore and Plan. 

In the reflect stage students will reflect on their strengths, interests, values and attributes, providing an insight and purposeful planning aligns with their personal and career goals. 

Students will explore career pathways and opportunities by completing a Career quiz, exploring types of employment, vocational education opportunities, School based traineeships/apprenticeships. They will also complete a resume, learn about WH&S and job search skills techniques. YAKKA also offers the opportunity to assist with work experience and YAKKA immersion industry days allowing students an insight into various industries. 

The final stage planning, students will map out key steps in a career action plan through goal setting. The YAKKA mentor will meet with each student one on one to provide support and finalise their plan. 


The Yakka Team create opportunities for their students through a range of Immersion days and cultural experiences. Immersion days happen throughout the year and the participants are offered the opportunity to participate in and immerse themselves in a hands on day of learning. With guest speakers to educate and motivate the students in these positive excursions, these days take them out of the school environment for a fun day of developing new skills.

Most recently in 2024 on the 15th May we partnered with the Making Waves Foundation for an unforgettable day of sailing on the incredible yacht “Joy”. Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander students were given the opportunity to learn about the Hospitality, Marina, Boating and Sailing industries and the possibilities open to them for future employment. The Newcastle Cruising Yacht club introduced the students to the exciting world of Marina operations and Mid Coast Boatyard and Marina taught them all about proper boat maintenance. Students were given the opportunity to learn basic sailing skills and even gave steering the yacht a try.
Our fantastic guest speakers on the day included Newcastle Knights player Jesse Southwell, Coach Ben Jeffries and Jake Harris from the Knights Community Engagement Team. A huge thank you to everyone who partnered with us to provide this great experience for the students.

Earlier in the year on the 9th April, in partnership with Regional Development Australia/ME program the Yakka program hosted a S.T.E.A.M Day at Murrook. A range of hands on workshops were run with Industry representatives for the students to participate in. The students engaged with Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Mathematics and reflected on their interests, and gained new skills in these areas. They took the opportunities presented on the day to speak with Industry experts to assist in identifying career pathways and industry opportunities post school.

For more information fill in the enquiry form below OR contact the YAKKA program team: yakka@careerlinks.nsw.edu.au or call 4967 1050.

Proudly supported & funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)